The Mix Is In

Each episode we make a mix of 10 songs that define a band, artist, or theme.

Jake has on his brother as a guest as they put together a mix of their favorite holiday music, both old and new. From The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Enya, this one has it all. 

Happy Holidays!


The Mix

There are thousands of miles of highway in the United States, stretching from sea to shining sea. The urge to hit the road and see all of them can be overwhelming. Your host and special guest talk about their favorite road songs from the decade that defined road music. 


The Playlist

The Mix is in has it's first guest as local musician Mario joins the show to discuss deep cuts! Every album has tracks that aren't released as singles but are as good, if not better, than the ones that get the radio glory. This episode discusses some of our favorites. 


The Playlist

Somewhere past Piccadilly and just past drunk is a band named Skinny Lister.  The raucous shanty punk group might be the most exciting band to come out of London in years. Their blend of traditional and modern is enthralling and this episode The Mix is In is all about the wild and free lads and lasses from England.  


The Mix!

Episode Four - Belly

For a couple of years in the '90s, Belly ruled college radio. Hits like Gepetto, Feed the Tree, and Now They'll Sleep were everywhere. Then, just as suddenly, they were gone. 20 years later they reformed and put out another classic album. Tune in as we take our hat off and tell the story of Belly, the world's most Super-Connected dream-pop group. 

The Playlist

In the premiere episode, we talk about the rise of the Interrupters, California Ska-Punk's new superheroes. Spiritual offspring of Rancid, the Interrupters burst onto the scene with the righteous fury of "Take Back The Power" and have been skanking across the world ever since. Tune in as we put together the ten songs that define the band. 

The Playlist.

Straight out of Queens, New York, Hollis Brown has been electrifying crowds for years. With their latest album Ozone Park, they're starting to get the recognition they deserve. In this episode, we pick 10 songs from their catalog packed with rock and roll gems that represent the electrifying experience of seeing the band live.

The Playlist.

How do you pick just ten songs to define the ramshackle rock and roll poets from Minneapolis, The Replacements? Tune in as we look at the history of the band and one of alternative rock's most storied bands. 

The Playlist.


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